Are you a diabetes sufferer?

Here's how you can stop bloating and gas caused by your medication

Dear Reader,
If you’re on metformin for your diabetes, you probably know about all the challenges you face.
The most noticeable being bloating and increased flatulence which as you know can be extremely uncomfortable.
Well, not anymore.
Because there's a digestive remedy that really works.
This revolutionary remedy can rejuvenate your digestive system and deliver renewed health and vitality to your entire body…
Symptoms of a troubled digestive system…
When your digestive system is weak, your body is forced to take energy, circulation and nutrients from other parts of the body to cope with the extra strain.
Do you…
•    Get tired after a meal? 
•    Often feel cold?
•    Experience “brain fog”?
… These could all be signs your digestive system is taking strain.
The good news is you can heal your digestive woes and 
regain control of your life. Keep reading…
Why just treating the symptoms makes things worse…
Antacids may temporarily soothe your burning stomach…
But they rob you of the very stomach acid you need to digest the food properly so it doesn’t cause bloating and flatulence.
Laxatives can help you go more regularly but in the long-run, they can make your gut lazy – causing dependency.
Heartburn medication: A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people over 50 who take proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for more than a year have a 44% increased risk of breaking a hip.
PPIs inhibit the body from producing stomach acid.  And when your body can’t produce stomach acid,  it can’t absorb calcium – an essential mineral for bone health.
The bottom line is, until you strengthen and balance your entire digestive system, you’ll continue the vicious cycle of trying to “put out  your digestive fires” while your health deteriorates…
Finally – a natural remedy for comfortable digestion and renewed health…

This remedy isn’t like anything you’ve tried before. Common medications just mask the symptoms, leaving the root cause of the problem untreated…

But, this natural remedy strengthens and balances your entire digestive system…

And, when your digestive system works properly, your body gets the nutrients it needs to function… While disease-causing inflammation vanishes… Leaving you free from digestive problems and feeling healthier than you’ve felt in years…

“Transform your health with a tree gum?”

Fibregum is a completely natural resin extract from the sap of the African Acacia tree.

Consumed for centuries by traditional African and Indian populations, Acacia gum improves digestive comfort and intestinal transit.

It’s a soluble fibre made up of mainly polysaccharides. These special molecules resist breakdown in the digestive tract and survive passage all the way to the large intestine.

Once these molecules arrive in the large intestine, they get converted by bacteria into particles that can be used by the cells of the large intestine for energy and other purposes.

While moving through the digestive tract, Fibregum mixes with the contents of the small intestine and slows the whole digestive process down… This very action has several health benefits…

Better absorption…

By slowing the rate of diffusion of enzymes, the body can break down and digest nutrients more effectively.

Helps prevent colon cancer…

When the polysaccharide molecules enter the large intestine, they ferment to form special short-chained fatty acids called butyrate.

Butyrates line the cells of the colon, protecting it from inflammation and disease, such as colorectal cancer…  In fact, without butyrates for energy, colon cells undergo self-digestion and die!

The best part is; Fibregum ferments very slowly in the gut, so it doesn’t cause gas, constipation or diarrhoea.

Lowers cholesterol…

Acacia gum helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Researchers think it works by binding with bile acids, and to compensate for this, the liver converts more cholesterol into bile salts – and they get eliminated from the body. The liver also produces less cholesterol when the colon is healthy.  Lower glycaemic response…

By digesting food gradually, there’s a much slower release of glucose into the blood. So, you don’t experience those huge energy spikes and troughs during the day.

And, by balancing your blood sugar, you reduce the need to snack between meals. This is brilliant news for type II diabetics and anyone looking to lose
weight, but more on this in a bit…

Studies confirm improved blood sugar control with Fibregum…
In a study out of Japan, 12 healthy men were given 5g of Fibregum – or a placebo.
Those who took the Fibregum lowered their blood sugar levels by 18mg/dl compared to the placebo group.
In another study, type II diabetic women taking acacia gum were able to lower their glycaemic response by 18.6%.
These studies confirm Fibregum can effectively lower the glycaemic index of food and help control blood sugar levels. 

Soothes Irritable Bowel Diseases…

Finally, now there’s an insoluble fibre that doesn’t aggravate irritable bowel symptoms…

Fibregum reduces pain and cramps by stabilising intestinal contractions… And, it reduces episodes of diarrhoea, constipation and flatulence.

Natural detoxifier…
Fibregum sweeps away harmful toxins and waste.  If allowed to build up in the intestines, those toxins can be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and cause disease.


Why the probiotics you’re taking aren’t helping…

Diarrhoea, constipation, gas, bloating and most other digestive complaints reach their painful crescendo in the colon. 

Yet, this is precisely where probiotics fall short! 

You see, probiotics start releasing their "good bacteria" in the previous two-thirds of the digestive tract. As a result, not nearly enough of these friendly bacteria make it all the way to your colon.

And, that’s where Fibregum comes to the rescue…  

The real solution to a healthy gut lies in PRE-biotics....

Think of prebiotics as a "welcoming committee" for your friendly bacteria. They feed and nurture your gut’s friendly bacteria so they thrive, multiply and turn your turbulent colon into a comfort zone!

Fibregum has been shown to significantly stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in as little as 10 days.

Not only this, Fibregum was shown to decrease Clostridium – also known as C. difficile, or C. diff.  This is a bad bacterium that causes inflammation and disease – especially after a bout of antibiotics.

Fibregum helps you lose weight as it activates your anti-hunger hormone…

More studies prove the health benefits of Fibregum…
In a 2009 report published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, a meta-analysis showed that acacia fibre may help reduce cholesterol levels.
Acacia fibre helps protect against certain diabetes-related complications according to a study published in Kidney & Blood Pressure Research in 2012.
In another study, published in Pharmacology Research, acacia fibre was shown to help combat liver damage by reducing oxidative stress.

Getting the feeling of “What can’t this natural wonder do”? 

Well, there’s one more thing you should know… 

Fibregum expands in the gut, absorbing water and forming a thick, gel-like substance – so you feel full for longer between meals… 

As I mentioned earlier, it also delays the absorption of glucose from a meal so you don’t experience dramatic crashes in blood sugar between meals, forcing you to snack.

Fibregum also triggers a powerful anti-hunger hormone called CCK that tells your body to stop eating once you’re full. This means you could also eat less during meals.

  Yes! I want to experience complete digestive health.

And finally, research has shown fibre also helps block the absorption of calories from food and ushers them out of the body.                      

A complete approach to health in a delicious cup of tea…
"I don’t feel so bloated and uncomfortable all the time anymore.

The best is, I don’t have to take any pills; I just make myself a cup of tea and enjoy it before a big meal.”

  • Imagine not worrying about indigestion, bloating, cramps, gas even diarrhoea again...
  • Lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar levels naturally…
  • Stopping diabetes in its tracks…
  • Losing weight naturally – without any harmful side effects…
  • Even helping prevent colorectal cancer – the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths…
  • Revitalising your health completely…

Simply empty the contents of one sachet of Nutri-Digestive Wellness daily into a tea cup and sip your way to good health!

You’ll be getting all the goodness of Fibregum you’ve read about here today, plus:

  • 50mg Fenugreek seed extract – helps relieve and prevent constipation
  • 20mg Juniper – soothes heartburn and bloating
  • 25mg Peppermint – pacifies an irritable bowel
  • 25mg Ginger extract – helps prevent diarrhoea
  • 25mg Papaya fruit – aids digestion
  • 25mg Bromelain – soothes inflammation
  • 100mg Green tea – helps the body burn fat and balances blood sugar
  • 225mg Yerbe mate – helps cleanse the digestive system and control appetite

All these ingredients have been carefully selected to deliver complete digestive health.

  Yes! I want to experience complete digestive health.

Perfect digestion in 60 days 

You have nothing to lose except your digestion problems when you try Nutri-Digestive Wellness.

If you don’t get through a meal without the heart-burn, indigestion or running to the bathroom, even if you're eating rich food… If you don’t feel your blood sugar stabilise… And if you don’t feel fuller for longer after a meal… All, in as little as 60 days, simply return all your boxes (used and unused) and we'll refund your money. No quibbles!

And I also promise that week after week, you'll feel even better, stronger and more energised. That’s because Nutri-Digestive Wellness was formulated to strengthen and balance your entire digestive system. 

And once each part is balanced and strengthened, your entire system can run the way it’s supposed to… Free from digestive problems and free to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to achieve good health.


  Yes! I want to experience complete digestive health.

Your Special Deal

Now, I bet you’re wondering what this incredible formula costs? 

The good news is, we have worked out a special introductory deal for you...

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And, remember, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with Nutri-Digestive Wellness, simply return all your boxes (used and unused) supply within a full 60 days and we’ll refund your full purchase price.

  Yes! I want to experience complete digestive health.

Here’s to discovering the freedom of a healthy digestive system,

Annabel Koffman
Research & Development, FSP Nutritionals

P.S. Until you strengthen and balance your entire digestive system, your problems are likely to continue to worsen. And unfortunately, the rest of your health is likely to deteriorate right along with your digestive health. Don’t sit and wonder if Nutri-Digestive Wellness works, you have nothing to lose by trying it – except your pain, discomfort and embarrassment!

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